Davao Metro Card Club

Metro Card Club (Review Applicable MID-2013)

I realized after staying a few days in Davao that there was a Card club a few blocks from my hotel!  Metro Card Club is one of the best poker rooms I’ve ever played in, and I’ve probably played in at least 40 across the world.

Metro Card Club Davao

Inside of Metro Card Club Davao

The good:

– Loose games / plenty of terrible players
– Live acoustic music / vocals
– Tournaments every day to bring in players
– Comps tickets for food / drinks (play 2 hours, get 4BB in comps)
– Ability to store cash at cage (no real minimum)
– Quick floor people always on top of filling seats / getting cash and seem to give a shit
– Quick and good dealers (not once do I remember a mistake being made)
– Promoting open seats in higher limit games over speaker frequently
– Free beer some nights until 12 PM (Monday and Friday?)
– A pot of free food served usually around 10 (strange gruel like substance, didn’t try)
– In tournaments if you finish out of the top 3 places but in the money, you can receive double your winnings if you play cash games for an hour
– Super late entry for tournaments into 4th or 5th round
– Massages available
– Omaha games a couple days a week (usually on weekends)
– Cute dealers/floor staff 😉
– No explicit cutoff for time serving alcohol – since most bars close at 1 or 2am, could make a good afterparty spot (if not abused)

The bad:

– High rake at 10% – all poker is managed by a PAGCOR, a central gaming authority who long ago dictated this amount. The games are still beatable, but a ton of money leaving the table this way, a lot of new money has to come to the table (fortunately it does here)
– Players don’t like to show hands at showdown first (slows the game down)
– Games start late around 7 at the earliest (filling up more as people bust out of tourney)
– Low stakes – 25-25 blinds highest limit
– Frequent short stacks (also a good thing sometimes, but adds extra dynamics to proper play when players are pushing on draws and mid pocket pairs pre-flop.

Poker Chips from Metro Card Club

10p and 100p Poker Chips from Metro Card Club Davao